My Opera

My Opera

Interact with your Opera account right from the widget
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Provides a fast way to interact with your Opera account. Check online friends, view and send private messages or read the latest replies.

My Opera is a widget developed and maintained by the Opera Widgets team. It aims at providing a front-end client that deals with different aspects of the user's personal Opera account.
The widget provides the ability to log in to your My Opera account, and save your login details. Once logged in, you will see your online friends, and you can search for new friends as well. The Messages tab will enable you to read your incoming messages and send new ones in real time.

In order to ensure that you are receiving the latest information, you will have to click the refresh link that can be found on each tab of the widget. The community function of this widget enables you to keep track of your subscribed forum threads, and get notified whenever new replies are made to your favorite topics.

The widget has also a "Watches" feature, which enables you to know the latest news feeds from Opera that match items on your Opera Watching list, for example: you will know when any new version of the Opera browser is released, along with all other official announcements.

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